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Japan Pension Online Conference

" Pension funds

Searching for a New Policy (New Normal) "


Market Makers Co., Ltd.


Partners Group Japan Co., Ltd.

Pension asset management has recovered more than expected, and it seems that it has survived the third major shock in 20 years: the "corona shock". In addition, it is expected that the corona epidemic will soon be resolved due to the progress of measures such as the start of vaccine administration in each country.

However, the widening disparity that had appeared before the corona shock and the US-China hegemony struggle involving Japan, the United States, and Europe have continued, and the division of the world is about to deepen.・ Isn't the structural change in the world economy accelerating, and both pension funds and asset management companies need to reassess the direction and steering of their activities?

This time, with the support of Partners Group Japan Co., Ltd., JPC Online announced, "Understanding the changes in society over the next 20 years, predicting how pension investment will change as a result, and pensions in the after-corona era. I would like to propose "how should asset management be dealt with?" We look forward to your participation for a fulfilling hour.

  • Theme: "Exploring new measures for pension fund asset management (new normal)"

  • Date and time: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 from 15:00 to 16:00

  • Target: Pension asset manager

  • Participation fee: Free

  • Organizer: Market Makers Co., Ltd.

  • Sponsor: Partners Group Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Application: Advance application system until April 19 (Monday)

  • Application (registration): Click here >>

After acceptance, we will deliver an invitation email (URL for participation on the day)

  • On the day of the conference:
    Click “URL of invitation email” to connect from 10 minutes before the start time of participation Questions at any time (after answering), questionnaire

# 1

Shunsuke Tanahashi

Partners Group Japan

President and CEO

"The Next 20 Years of Pension Investment: Social Changes and Asset Management"

We will explain how the world will change in the next 20 years after the corona wreck, predict how it will affect pension asset management, and explain countermeasures.

# 2

Kaoru Miyazaki

Partners Group Japan

Distribution Sales Manager


Mami Goto

Partners Group Japan

Client Relationship Professional

"Pension Fund's Private Market Investment Challenges and Potential Solutions"


We will delve into the various challenges facing pension funds in advancing private market investment and present solutions as a Partners Group.

# 3

Shuji Mikami

Partners Group Japan

Institutional Investor Sales Manager

"Proposals from Partners Group"

We will explain the content of our proposal as a solution that overcomes the challenges unique to private market investment.


Q & A

"Question-and-answer session"


Partners Group professionals will answer questions from participants live

* Please note that the title may change due to circumstances.

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