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A third state of emergency was also issued due to the spread of mutant strains, and 2021 is about to pass as early as one month. Last year, the market recovered more than expected, and we secured profits that exceeded the negative impact of the “Corona Shock”, and I think that pension funds are relieved. I think it's a time when we are busy preparing for the settlement delegation meeting.

Nowadays, the need for capitalist economic revitalization that emphasizes "sustainability" that is durable against the occurrence of a crisis is being discussed from the conventional efficiency-oriented economy worldwide. In response to this, at the previous 3rd JPC Online, we made a proposal that "redefinition of investment target assets is necessary".

This time, with the support of Pennant Park Investment Advisors and Monitor Capital, the attractiveness and elasticity of the "US Middle Market Direct Lending Strategy," which specializes in lending to US middle market companies of US Penant Park. , I will explain the investment opportunities after Corona. Direct lending is a type of private debt investment introduced in the previous lecture. This time, the company's founder and operations staff will also give a lecture on a video from the United States. Please enjoy the local information and videos unique to online from your office or home.

We look forward to your participation for a fulfilling hour.

(The lecture will be in English, but we will translate it into Japanese with subtitles. Q & A can be exchanged in Japanese.)

  • Theme: "Exploring New Measures for Pension Fund Asset Management (New Normal) II"

  • Date and time: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 from 15:00 to 16:00

  • Target: Pension asset manager

  • Participation fee: Free

  • Organizer: Market Makers Co., Ltd.

  • Sponsor:
    * Pennant Park Investment Advisors (PPIA)
    * Monitor Capital

  • Application: Advance application system until 5/24 (Monday)

  • Application (registration): Click here >>

After acceptance, we will deliver an invitation email (URL for participation on the day)

  • On the day of the conference:
    Click “URL of invitation email” to connect from 10 minutes before the start time of participation Questions at any time (after answering), questionnaire

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ルネ リ  アルファ スクエア グループ CEO
Eva Shan アルファ スクエア グループ 
藤田直行  デユエットリサーチ株式会社 



「M&G高格付け安定インカム獲得戦略の ご紹介」
城山 太郎
M&G Investments Japan 株式会社
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"Q & A Q & A"


PPIA Monitor Capital will answer your questions directly

Image by Samuel Jerónimo
Image by Samuel Jerónimo
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